Reward Points Program

About Opal Points
Opal Points are Opal Natural health’s loyalty reward program. This program is only offered to our registered customers. 
Once you are registered and you have purchased a product, you automatically start accruing Opal Points. You do not need to sign up for this program.
Your Opal Points can then be used on our website. The process to redeem your Opal Points is described below. 
How does it work?
Points are awarded each time you shop. For each dollar spent, you will receive 25 points. For instance, when you spend $100 in our shop, you will receive 2500 points.
Please note that the number of points awarded may vary during special promotional campaigns.
How to redeem your points?
Each point is worth 0.001 cent. 
At the checkout, you can choose to use your Opal Points in one transaction. 
Eg. You have 5000 Opal Points (the equivalent of $5 dollars), and your new order is worth $100. You can choose to use all 5000 Opal Points. Therefore you will only pay $95. 
Expiry date of Opal Points
Note that your Opal Points are valid for 12 months only. Your Opal Points will expire on the 1st day of the 13rd month after they were awarded. You can check your Opal Points at anytime in “My Account”.